You don’t really need to have any major problems to seek out couple’s therapy. However, since no two individuals perceive the same experiences in different ways, some couples may perceive little things and big things and vice versa. So, it’s always good to have a strong foundation when looking to grow together.

Couples therapy is also an effective way to keep a relationship on track before problems arise. If the strains are real and communicating is almost impossible, going to therapy allows couples to meet with a neutral party that will help the couples see from a third perspective on the big questions that concern interpersonal dynamics. (i.e.- The who? The what, The why, The how… of things).

Lack of trust and doubt in a partner are major sources for a breakup and a systematic approach to help couples find an effective way forward is the main goal.

Additionally, when a couple is experiencing individual and relational distress.

Additionally, couples also seek therapy for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common benefits cited by couples include:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Resolving conflict
  • Restoring lost trust
  • Increasing shared support
  • Individual and relational distress
  • Regaining lost intimacy
  • Learning how to support each other through difficult times.
  • Forming a stronger bond
  • Dealing with respective In-Laws and extended family members
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